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AHARO Hawaii Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Promoting access, quality, and cost effectiveness in healthcare by empowering consumers to evaluate the performance of healthcare agencies that serve them.

Our Goals

Form an interdisciplinary council, directed by consumers, to promote and utilize value based systems in healthcare.

Develop value based healthcare systems that include application of health information technology performance metrics and research directed at improved access and quality while also promoting cost containment.

Help assure that medically underserved populations and medically underserved communities, including those with population characteristics of high poverty and cultural uniqueness, are not underrepresented in the development of performance metrics emerging in value based healthcare reform.

Engage government and other healthcare payers, medical and related service providers, and neighboring communities in a dialogue on the integration and reengineering of healthcare services with a particular emphasis on the consumer perspective.

Help address the unique healthcare needs of rural Oahu including the communities of Waianae, Koolauloa, and Waimanalo while developing systems that may be transferrable to other Medically Underserved Areas or Populations.

Develop new models of healthcare reimbursement for community health centers that align incentives with the performance standards selected by healthcare consumers as well as payers.

Expand the evolving model of the “Patient Centered Healthcare Home” to include an enhanced role for consumers.